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Telegraf Money enables individuals to speak with each other, right away send assets and digital forms of money, issue/get credits on the web, exchange on trades and procure cash.

About Telegraf Money


Inside 3 months the emissary will incorporate a multi-cash wallet, where members can store any digital currency (Bitcoin, any altcoins and all ERC20 tokens)

Issued DEBITCoin tokens are fixing to the VISA/MasterCard which are incorporated in with Telegraf.Money Messenger

Holders of issued DEBITCoin tokens can utilize them for any buys andcash withdrawals in ATM from VISA/MasterCard cards with no compelling reason to offer the tokens on digital currency trades and exchangers

The dispatch of a dispatcher trade is normal where members can trade cryptographic forms of money among themselves and furthermore change them to fiat and electronic cash.

It is intended to dispatch the exchanger on the mainstream Shape Shift stage.

Utilizing Telegraf.Money you can impart, exchange cash and make money related exchanges with endorsers of other moment delivery people: Skype, Facebook Messenger, Telegram


DEBITCoin is a decentralized stage cryptographic money attached to incorporated in the courier VISA/MasterCard, used to pay for administrations the stage itself, remunerating to biological system members for the administrations they give and playing out any exchanges in the framework and outside it through installment cards.

Digital money can be utilized for any buys from VISA/MasterCard, withdrawal of money, global moves to anyplace on the planet, offer on the trade, trade workplaces. At show, work is under approach to completely decentralize the Telegraf.Money application, all interchanges, business forms and money related exchanges of members will be helped out through the Ethereum blockchain.

The DEBITCoin tokens are issued under Ethereum blockchain brilliant contract

DEBITCoin tokens are not subject to expansion in light of the fact that are to be singed after any exchange from VISA/MasterCard which tokens are fixing to, that is the reason an entire measure of tokens continually diminishes


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