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The STK token will give moment crypto installments at purpose of offer at any vendor, regardless of whether it’s for your morning espresso or your week after week basic need run. Your STK tokens will enable you to get to a constant trade, which implies you can utilize your crypto represent exchanges at whatever point and wherever you like.

About STK

STK Global Payment’s vision is to make a comprehensively open contrasting option to customary managing an account, enabling you to store your cash securely, get to it quickly and execute with it anyplace, in any money including crypto by utilizing the STK token, ideal from your cell phone, utilizing the STACK application. Making an advanced wallet as a partner to a conventional card arrangement, the STACK application empowers you to utilize any of your monetary standards at purpose of offer, anyplace on the planet.

All together for clients of the STACK wallet to execute progressively, the STK arrangement will be coordinated into the STACK computerized multi-cash wallet. This usefulness must be gotten to with a STK token. The STK token will be utilized to pay for the working expense of setting up the State Channel. Since STK tokens can change in esteem, the cost per exchange is computed comparatively to how gas costs are on Ethereum.


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