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SINERGIA BLOCKCHAIN is an International Association, non-benefit association, lawfully consolidated in Colombia. It will be the primary blockchain innovation research center in Latin America, creating monetary, mechanical and social esteem.

About Sinergia Blockchain

The Institute of innovative work SINERGIA BLOCKCHAIN is a Colombian association non-benefit made keeping in mind the end goal to advance the improvement of Blockchain innovation to national, territorial and worldwide levels.

Our primary target

Add to the reinforcing of the innovation Blockchain, create application arrangements and advancing mindfulness and use among individuals, producing financial, mechanical and social esteem.

What is the Sinergia Token (SNG)?

It is the portrayal of the commitment to the financing of the task of the salary of you as a Honorary Associate. Created under the Ethereum ERC-20 Protocol, it can be utilized as a methods for Exchange in the trades, or to buy merchandise and enterprises approved among others.

Key system.

Other related exercises, so as to make the task maintainable in time create a positive dynamic in the utilization of the Token collaboration will be produced notwithstanding the work did in the lab.


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