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At QUOINE, we have effectively propelled one of the world’s biggest digital money trades, QUOINEX and QRYPTOS. We are currently constructing a worldwide liquidity stage for all crypto speculators, token backers and another age of money related administrations clients.

About QASH by Quoine

QUOINE LIQUID PLATFORM is a solitary comprehensively sourced exchanging stage (World Book) with a related suite of administrations (Prime Brokerage). Consolidated, these deliver the largest amount of liquidity on the planet—enabling any person to get to the open doors and riches the new Crypto economy offers.

The LIQUID Platform’s World Book is based over QUOINE’s current Matching Engine, Smart Order Routing, and Cross Currency Conversion Engine advances. It turns into a definitive asset for merchants—a multi-showcase arrange book that joins each liquidity source on the planet into a solitary exceptionally fluid tradable request book, in any money a client picks.

The LIQUID Platform’s Prime Brokerage offers Direct Market Access (DMA), Fiat Management, Crypto/Fiat Credit office, and Real Time Reporting. Serving all customer sizes and prerequisites: The LIQUID Platform consolidates it’s World Book and Prime Brokerage with top of the line administrations, for example, System Co-Location, Automated Trading Strategies, “Group Sourced” AI-driven Algorithms, and QUOINE’s propelled restrictive Trading Tools.

An all inclusive local Token: the QUOINE LIQUID TOKEN, QASH is the fuel that resolve all administrations QUOINE gives. We are now in converses with budgetary foundations and accomplices to make QASH the favored Token for their own particular up and coming and existing money related administrations, as they move to decentralized stages. We imagine QASH will be utilized as a part of the more extensive money related industry and some other businesses for different purposes including installment and settlement.

The ultimate objective: QUOINE is building a strong, worldwide monetary utility—a propelled stage the whole Crypto economy will use to incredible preferred standpoint; where anybody can take an interest as clients and Token holders.

QUOINE LIQUID will turn into a total budgetary biological community for the Crypto economy.


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