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LAToken is a blockchain convention and stage for making and exchanging resource tokens. It enables cryptoholders to expand their portfolio by accessing tokens connected to the cost of genuine resources. LAToken empowers resource proprietors to open the estimation of benefits by making and offering their advantage tokens. LAToken is a #1 resource tokenization venture by advertise top with more than $16 million raised from 9000+ cryptoholders. Stage is now operational: it permits exchanging tokenized offers of Apple, Tesla, Google and other blue chips, and additionally gold, oil and land ETFs by means of crypto. In the interim, LAT is going to be recorded on 4 noteworthy crypto trades. LAT Crypto Research group of 4 McKinsey and Deutsche Bank graduated class conjectures the task to tokenize and exchange resources worth $1.2 tn by 2025, while the estimation of benefits tokenized comprehensively is required to reach $5 tn. LAT Token Sale permits crypto group to quicken connecting of genuine and crypto economies. Join Token Sale now to get your reward.



About LAToken


You approach significantly more money at much lower costs than you may have figured it out.

With the LAToken, you can take offer fragmentary responsibility for illiquid resource. You get money and you don’t need to acquire cash or pay lease.


Searching for a more fluid and differing arrangement of advantages? Fluid Asset Tokens give you partial responsibility for advantages for help differentiate your speculations.

Normal yearly profit for resources, 2000-2017


You give data about the benefit and the offer you need to offer. After autonomous valuation of the advantage, you can issue on the LAT stage tokens sponsored by the benefit. At that point you offer your tokens on the LAT commercial center and get stores. You can keep utilizing your benefit after the deal and get it back on the settlement date.


The LAT Wallet enables you to make and deal with your tokens, resources, keen contracts, applications and make exchanges on blockchain. The wallet gives access to the LAT Exchange also.

Token deal

Open Token Sale will begin from offering Tier 1 of LAT tokens by means of Dutch sale to decide the market cost. The cost will diminish every day by 5% up to 10 days or until Tier 1 of tokens will be sold. The end sell off cost will be connected to all closeout members. On the off chance that various applications surpasses Tier 1, tokens will be disseminated on a first in – first served premise. Level 2, 3, 4 will be sold with the cost expanding 10, 15 and 20% to the closeout cost. The last cost is the cost of Token Sale utilized for changes of LATP tokens to LAT.

Token: LAT

Token deal begin: 22 of August 2017

Cost: After Dutch sale

Supply of Tokens: 400,000,000 LAT

Solidified Tokens*: 600,000,000 LAT

Compability: Ethereum ERC20 standard

* Frozen Tokens will be opened after 10x valuation development

LAToken brought around $15.6M up in the Round 1 of the general population token deal.



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