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Immortality has long been heeded as the stuff of fiction. For decades, the solution to ageing or ultimate immortality has seemed mere centuries away; as a trait only possessed by Gods and spirits. But the mark of engineering is the ability to turn science fiction into reality. This project is a step in that direction. Having already worked on research related to Genes therapy, artificially grown organs, Immortal organisms, stem cell treatment, Cryonics and young blood transfusion, the Immortal coin is not intended for the sake of just raising money but aims to serve a cause that would give the human kind immortality. The project aims to make a better future for our coming generations and provide the community with a solution with a new life.



We’ve been known for revolutionary discoveries in the Biotechnology industry. With over 10 years of collective experience our team is one of the top ranked experts in the research of cell healing, young blood transformation and immorality.

Our group consists of young enthusiasts with strong academic backgrounds and entrepreneurial experience. This vision of biological immortality is something we work on passionately. In our lives we always have to choose which way to go, and there are so many amazing paths to follow, but with our current lifespans, we can only pick a few. With more time in this world it will be possible to follow as many careers as wanted, become great in countless activities and collect exceeding experiences over many eras.

Below are some of the anti-aging and immortality related projects we have worked on and are a true representative of we are directed in the right direction:

1. Gene Therapy

As we get older, genes that maintain cellular health and vitality are down-regulated. At the same time, genes that promote disease and senescence become over-expressed. This brings in a multitude of illnesses: cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s, among others.

We have been doing research about Gene Therapy for 10 years now and are investigating technologies that could serve as promising for life extension and have the potential for preventing many diseases, adding decades to the human life span, and restoring youthful function to an aging body.



We have found that, Gene therapy – the therapeutic delivery of genes to treat or prevent disease – is one of them.

Despite some of the challenges such as such as targeting genes to specific cells, to avoid potential side effects and ensuring that the new genes are precisely controlled by the body, we still consider Gene therapy is one of the most promising technology and are confident that with the aid of today’s technology and Immortal coin holders contribution, we will be able to successfully overcome those challenges soon.

2. Young Blood Transfusion- The Elixir of Youth


“Young blood” transfusions are one of the current trends in regenerative medicine. According to the latest scientific discoveries, young blood might have rejuvenating properties and it could be a promising way to overcome aging.

We are excited about the miraculous effects that young blood seems to have on cognitive and neurological impairments. In 2014, researchers at Stanford University demonstrated that an old mouse exposed to a young environment in this revolutionary model called parabiosis, shows a younger brain that functions better. This translates into more neural stem cells, higher activity of synapses, less inflammation in the brain and improved memory (Villeda, Wyss-Coray, 2014).
We believe these findings would have profound implications, when replicated in humans. Replicating these results in humans are already being investigated, and it is highly likely that we might be looking at improved brain abilities for older people, a decreased loss in cognition along with a better spatial orientation and increased perceptual speed. (Villeda, Wyss-Coray, 2014). 

3. Cryonics- A second chance at Life


Our research suggests that, presently, Cryonics is the only real hope to live forever for people beyond help by today’s medicine. Bodies can be preserved for decades or centuries until a future medical technology can restore those people to full health. And unless we discover the cure against aging and dying in the near future, cryonics remains the best shot we have at immortality.

With science evolving at such a fast pace, people cryopreserved in the future, with better technology (that causes less damage to the tissue), may require less advanced technology to be revived. We tend to be funding for the betterment of the preservation methods until the bodies are demonstrably reversible, after which medicine would begin to reach back and revive people cryopreserved by more primitive methods.



Nanotechnology (which holds the promise of future biological repair) is already a major industry, and we are thrilled to contributing it by making the promise of revival more apparent and more exciting.

4. Immortal Organisms


Many think that immortality is something that only mythical and supernatural creatures can have, however nature has shown us that immortality is possible and many organisms living on Earth today are already immortal or at least do not age like we do. Biological immortality (also called bio-indefinite mortality) is a state in which the rate of mortality due to age-related deterioration is stable or decreasing, thus decoupling it from chronological age. Various unicellular and multicellular species, including some vertebrates, achieve biological immortality either throughout their existence or after living long enough. However, one must remember that biologically immortal living beings can still die from means other than old-age, such as through injury or disease.( Biological Immortality, Wikipedia)
Research suggest that biological immortality might be related to the fact that the rate of mortality as a function of chronological age may be negligible at extremely old ages – a theory referred to as the late-life mortality plateau. For some organisms, the rate of mortality may cease to increase in old age, but for humans that rate is typically very high. As a hypothetical example to illustrate this, there is only a 50% chance of a human surviving another year at age 110 or greater. (Rose, M.R., Rauser, C. L., Mueller, L. D. (2005) Considering the research done in this area, we aim to be continuing it further and make it helpful for achieving our ultimate goal that is Immortality.


Aging is not an absolute, it is a shapeable relative, a chemical process in our cells, a genetically codified principle. But with the recent rapid biotechnological development, for the first time in history, we have the capabilities and the resources to determine our own fate. Unlocking the ability to attain indefinite lifespans is within reach, it would be fatuous not to stretch out and take it. 

6.Stem Cell Treatment


Research suggests that stem cells have tremendous promise to help us understand and treat a range of diseases, injuries and other health-related conditions and help us in achieving our ultimate goal i.e. Immortality.


Their potential is evident in the use of blood stem cells to treat diseases of the blood, a therapy that has saved the lives of thousands of children with leukemia; and can be seen in the use of stem cells for tissue grafts to treat diseases or injury to the bone, skin and surface of the eye. Important clinical trials involving stem cells are underway for many other conditions and researchers continue to explore new avenues using stem cells in medicine.

Stem cell researchers are making great advances in understanding normal development, figuring out what goes wrong in disease and developing and testing potential treatments to help patients. They still have much to learn, however, about how stem cells work in the body and their capacity for healing, and how to apply them for the cure of conditions and diseases. That is where we would be supporting this research with our community of experienced researchers through the Immortal coin.



NanoRobotics is the technology of creating machines or robots closer to the microscopic scale of a nanometer (10−9 meters). Nanorobots can be used in different application areas such as medicine and space technology. Nowadays, these Nanorobots play a crucial role in the field of Bio-Medicine, particularly for the treatment of cancer, cerebral Aneurysm, removal of kidney stones, elimination of defected parts in the DNA structure, and for some other treatments that need utmost support to save human lives.


Research suggests that NanoRobots can serve helpful in achieving our goal of attaining Immortality, considering that, we have worked in this field already, and would be heavily funding this field for obtaining the desired results in future.



8.Artificially Grown Organs


In 2006, the very first artificial lab-grown organ was a bladder created from a patient sample. Years later, several other organs and tissues have been created, including windpipes, urethras, hearts, livers, lungs, and thymii (although most of these were not fully functioning). Scientists began by experimenting with different types of stem cells and placing them on material that served as scaffolding for support.


Takebe et al. took things a step further by creating tiny livers with a few different cell types: pluripotent stem cells that differentiated into the endoderm or spongy bulk of the liver; mesenchymal stem cells that became the connective tissue; and human umbilical cord blood cells that became blood vessels.

. In 2013, Lancaster et al. created “mini-brains”. Using embryonic stem cells or adult skin cells, they were able to re-create the neuroectoderm, which develops into the brain and spinal cord. The scientists believe this represented the brain of a 9 week-old fetus. The brains didn’t grow any larger or more complex as there was no blood supply that could penetrate to the interior. Even so, these mini-brains allow scientists to study structural and developmental defects, and possibly neurological disorders like schizophrenia.

Despite the advances in this technology, there is still needed a lot to be done and for that one of the most important factors needed is the availability of funds and resources. The immortal coin is a step intended to provide this research what it needs and make the human wish of mortality a practical reality.




With the revolutionized discovery of Blockchain, we hope to be the 1st to represent Biotechnology in Blockchain. With Immortal Token asset, we aim to provide our investors with a hope for a better everlasting future.

We are working with a very clear vision that is – “to find and make the antidote of life available at each and every doorstep”. We’ve been in discussion with world-class Bio-Technicians & Doctors those are few of the best in the industry and have analyzed the whole process together. Our board of advisors are also renowned doctors in research of Immortality and how to accomplish it. On a small level we’ve worked on a couple of things those can result in building the future, however, we need a bigger team and investments to make all of this possible in a proper way.

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