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Worldwide Jobcoin for Employers and Employees. A decentralized coin to pay for administrations identified with work. Jobstoday is one of the main Job stages in Switzerland, Germany, Poland and Austria. We’re in showcase since 2014 and have a development of 500% in the most recent year.

About Global Jobcoin

Worldwide Jobcoin is an ERC20 decentralized token to pay for administrations identified with work. Utilizing the Ethereum square chain we are making this token for businesses and workers around the world. Worldwide Jobcoin will be utilized on our Job stages in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Poland. As we extend our operations around the world, Global Jobcoin will turn into the fundamental decision of installment on every one of our stages the world over. We are likewise collaborating with other accomplice Job sheets to offer coordination of Global Jobcoin in to their stages.

Together with our customers we have characterized certifiable business cases. In 2018 these utilization cases will be incorporated in to Jobstoday stages around the world.

Online Payment on Jobstoday Platforms

Managers can pay for single Job postings or various Job bundles utilizing Global Jobcoins. Worldwide businesses will spare the cash transformation costs by utilizing Global


Specialist Platform

Jobstoday specialist stage will be propelled in the Q2.2018. Clients of this stage can look, employ and pay for consultant administrations utilizing Global Jobcoins

Consultant Smart Contracts

Customers can secure their assets utilizing Ethereum Smart Contracts with escrow work and discharge installment after breakthroughs are met by the specialist. Customers can without much of a stretch connect with the Smart Contracts by means of a natural GUI.

Manager Bounty

Prizes has been a demonstrated approach to pull in abilities from around the globe. Businesses will offer different bounties in GJC to candidates for a Job posting or they can offer bounties to clients suggesting potential competitors.


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