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Gizer is an ongoing stage giving Gamers, Hosts, and Services opportunity.

About Gizer

The Gizer stage is a worldwide gaming system that interfaces the whole gaming group – Gamers, Hosts, Services, Venues and Businesses. Gizer makes a wide cluster of chances for these gatherings through competition facilitating and revelation, administration and item postings, and brand sponsorships discovered straightforwardly on the stage. To enable gamers to best use the stage, the GZR token will exploit the most recent advances in blockchain innovation to take into consideration straightforward, consistent UX joining over numerous gaming stages. Gamers can utilize the tokens to access their Gizer Global Gaming Identity, or GG ID, by holding any measure of GZR in their wallet. The GG ID is a profile made on Gizer, which can be gotten to by any amusement engineers who embrace Gizer’s innovation using Gizer API’s and Oracles. GG ID will comprise of three sections: an adjustable symbol, gamertag, and gaming measurements. GZR speaks to an unlockable profile thing in an “obscure” state. The client can open tokens whenever, bringing about a randomized profile thing being opened that can be connected to a gamer’s symbol. The irregularity and sort of the thing opened is totally arbitrary and chosen simply after the client chooses to open it. An auxiliary utilization of GZR tokens will be to pay for commissions or different charges on the Gizer stage. Clients can gather things to control up and alter their symbols to pick up renown inside the gaming group. Once certain arrangements of things are gathered, the client is remunerated with selective things, rank lifts, and identifications particular to their awards.


Make and Host Events

Utilize your cell phone to make a competition in less than a moment! Connection your site or stream, include pictures, and interface with a gaming group of onlookers.

Assemble Connections

Our companions list gives you a chance to visit and find new players to go up against. In case you’re a host or specialist co-op, monitor clients to help develop your following.

Gathering Chat

Message your companions (or enemies) in-application. Examine up and coming occasions, make inquiries, discover partners, or talk some smack.

Make Teams

Find other perfect gamers to make a group. Or, then again on the off chance that you as of now have a group, you and partners can enter occasions under a group name.

Private venture Features

Private ventures can offer their item or administration. Offer restrictive arrangements to get highlighted and contact a bigger group of onlookers.

Discover Tournaments

Diversion up. Find forthcoming on the web or LAN competitions close to opening the portable application.

Offer Your Service

You can list your aptitudes as an administration. Gushing, reffing, illustrations, altering, commentating, enlisting, instructing, and general systems administration.

Section Features

Exceptionally, robotized section programming. Consistently join a competition section as an individual or as a group. The section highlights score revealing with screenshots.

Discover Sponsors

Associate with built up independent ventures who will publicize and support!

Lift Features

Contend in competitions for our in-application money, Boost. You can utilize Boost to enter occasions, buy products, or money out at whatever point


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