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Decentralized stage utilizing blockchain innovation to make worldwide system by offering individuals tokens for sharing private Wi-Fi systems. This would let clients to get free web experts nearly in all aspects of the globe.

About Dome Platform

Implementing the blockchain innovation and Ethereum brilliant contract into the making of worldwide Wi-Fi organize, as we would like to think, depends on a reality that individuals are not persuaded to share their own Wi-Fi systems. This is clarified by the overwhelming burden on the system which backs off the information rates and could bring about a higher installment for the web association with no remuneration. We trust, that every single current arrangement available that give client the chance to share their system without consent and installment are not sufficiently reasonable. We offer clients a stage that will permit a straightforward and secure approach to share and control your own or business arrange utilizing

DME tokens.

The Dome Platform offers a kind of token mining by sharing your Wi-Fi arrange. This would boost individuals to utilize the Dome Platform to repay their web installments and even to gain some cash from it. The production of The Dome Platform will enable clients to reject high installments gets ready for the 4G (LTE) information that they could utilize and utilize the web with no limitations around the world.

How it functions?

For customary client:

By joining and interfacing with the stage, you naturally unblock the locale (nation) or a few areas (relies upon venture advancement organize), where you will have the capacity to utilize web with no limitations. Offer your Wi-Fi arrange and get tokens, which could be exchanged or spent for the in-application buys, for example, unblocking new districts in the event that you are heading out or Adblock to dispose of ad, and so forth.

For organizations:

Enroll your organization in the Platform application and offer your Wi-Fi, the more individuals utilize your system – the more tokens you get. Exchange tokens or utilize them in application to buy ad for your business. Your commercial will be appeared to each individual, who interfaces with your system.


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