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Ccore is a Crypto Payment Platform that permits individuals who have cryptocoins/altcoins to spend them on different fiat based online administrations and stores without losing an incentive on the trade. What’s more, the proprietors of online-stores will have the capacity to acknowledge digital money for installment, while not losing some portion of their benefit because of variety of cryptographic money rate.

About ccore

Ccore stage has a module structure, which empowers to associate different expansions (modules) to stage. 4 fundamental expansions of stage over which our group is as of now working:

C Exchange

C Exchange is a digital money stock trade where cryptographic money can be traded with each other or fiat cash.

C Wallet

C Wallet is a multicurrency wallet where assets of ccore clients are kept. C Exchange and C Wallet make the center of ccore stage.

C Pay

C Pay is a full installment framework, which permits the corporate clients offering items and administrations against digital forms of money by incorporating CC Pay on the site of online-store.

C Information

C Information is augmentation, which outfits finish data about market of digital forms of money progressively. It is produced for financial specialists and merchants.

Intercommunion of ccore with showcase members

ccore-corporate client

The corporate costomers by coordinating expansion of C Pay on claim online-store, get plausibility offering items and administrations against criptocurrency, while ccore secures probability for consequently trading criptocurrencies into fiat monetary forms at the desire of the business visionary.


ccore offers great working terms to business visionaries as well as the customers. At installment for item or administration by digital money the customer doesn’t pay exchange commission charge, on the off chance that he/she has account in CC Wallet. The customer shouldn’t likewise sit tight for exchange affirmation, since exchange is made among the records CC Wallet.

ccore-broker, financial specialist

Because of augmentation of C Information, ccore outfits three sorts of data to dealers and speculators progressively:

– information

– news

– investigation


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