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We trust the AR/VR transformation will be driven by content makers. That is the reason we are presenting the primary stage that influences blockchain framework to make, lease and offer 3D content. This approach guarantees decentralized and trustless copyright stockpiling and substance trade inside the AR/VR biological system.

About Cappasity

Early commitments will be held just through the White List.

In view of the standards of decentralized economy, we are building a biological system brimming with AR/VR/3D content

AR/VR Marketplace

In the Cappasity AR/VR biological community commercial center, content producers and substance clients from everywhere throughout the world address each other’s issues. To encourage 3D content trade, we are presenting a computerized utility cash — the ARToken (AR). The Cappasity decentralized charging framework is equipped for dealing with countless and will be secured by all around composed brilliant contracts.

Pay with ARs for

  • Membership to the 3D content base
  • 3D content buys at a merchant’s cost
  • 3D content rentals for business purposes

Get ARs for:

  • Transferring exceptional 3D content
  • Check and control of the substance
  • Deal or rental of self-made 3D content

Cappasity Platform

Before Cappasity, 3D content creation was tedious, confused and not versatile. Along these lines, we made toolboxs that make 3D digitizing of genuine articles accessible to everybody. Alongside our exhaustive endeavors to influence installing of 3D to substance to virtual displays and sites simple, we additionally made instruments for portable and AR/VR applications. Our SDK is interested in engineers to fabricate their own particular applications in view of the stage.

Cappasity – AR/VR Ecosystem Scheme

The Cappasity Ecosystem envelops members willing to offer or purchase AR/VR and 3D content. The biological system comprises of supporting components — the commercial center, blockchain and capacity foundation. The decentralized stockpiling foundation is given by the free stockpiling specialist organizations. The sandbox range is utilized as a testing situation for the AR/VR/3D content practically speaking. AR/VR engineers and dynamic group givers will be bolstered through devoted AR reserves.

ARToken will be issued as ERC-20 Ethereum token.


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