Mobile telecommunications, which were regarded as a luxury only two decades ago, are now ubiquitous, and vitally important to individuals, to communities, to businesses, and to the wider economy. Research suggests that there are more than 2,000 active telecom operators in the world — eliminating bridges and distances between people — by communicating them through data or voice connectivity. Every year, a sum of over $135 billion is spent on mobile voice/data services. In addition, advertisers spent $122 billion on mobile digital advertising and this amount is projected to reach $332 billion by 2021. The Telecommunication industry has continuously been evolving towards a direction of centralization. If not disrupted with blockchain technology, it will result in power and resource distribution in the hands of a few, resulting in problems such as packages that perform overcharging of customers, data privacy breaches and security issues, speed issues and high-cost charges of using the service.

BLCOKSIMS aims to disrupt this trend by providing the existing telecom operators and users a decentralized payment gateway and dedicated Sim cards which will eliminate all fee associated with voice and data services. In addition, using the revenue generated from digital advertisements, the community i.e. BLOCK SIM holders would also be given monthly rewards up to $100 for using BLOCK SIM.

BLOCK SIM is leading the way in innovation and will be changing the economic social landscape of digital media and communications worldwide.

NOTE: Currently Private Sale is running, you have an opportunity to get the maximum bonus of 50%. Remember this offer is limited to next Few days ICO will be starting on 15th of Feb 2018.